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Beyond the merits of a case, a lawsuit is won or lost based on the preparation of the lawyers. Of course, a case must have a solid foundation of facts. And having the law on one's side certainly helps. But a case is only as good as the attorney presents it.

Attorneys who investigate, research, write, and present the best cases-whether in civil litigation or criminal defense-are going to be more successful than attorneys who do not prepare their clients' cases as thoroughly.

Civil Litigation: Making a Difference

The American legal system provides people with the means to resolve conflicts peacefully and meaningfully. When one party wrongs another-in business or private life-the law allows the wronged party to be compensated for the damages done by the bad or negligent acts of the transgressor.

The remedy is usually money. In certain cases, a court will order the defendant to take certain action; called specific performance. While money is often not the ideal resolution, money is often the only way for the offending party to restore the injured party to a situation similar to where he or she was before the damages.

» Defamation: Slander and Libel
» Predatory Lending
» Probate Litigation
» Disability Rights Violations
» Employment Law
» Environmental Law
» Riparian Rights (Water Rights)
» Property Disputes
» Personal Injury

Whether ideal or not, a monetary remedy also likely to be the only judgment a court will be able to give the plaintiff the power to enforce. Civil litigation can include a wide range of issues, including probate disputes, disability rights violations, predatory lending actions, and personal injury.

Criminal Defense: The Rights of the Accused

The United States Constitution guarantees all accused of crimes "to have the assistance of counsel for his defense."

Criminal defense is a cornerstone of the historical legal system in America. The right of the people to force the government to show cause before depriving any person, not just citizens, of life, liberty, or property can be traced back more than 700 years.

Criminal activity must be prosecuted, but innocents must not be imprisoned, and the constitutional rights of all defendants must be protected. All persons are entitled to zealous defense. Criminal defense lawyers are obligated to provide such zealous and vigorous defense to the utmost of their abilities.

Minnesota DWI Lawyer

Across the nation, and specifically here in Minnesota, there is a push to crack down on DWI (also informally called DUI). Police have been given larger budgets to boost DWI enforcement. Driving under the influence of a mind-altering substance is never a good idea. But people make mistakes.

Heightened enforcement coupled with much stricter laws has meant that people with no past criminal records are being swept into the DWI enforcement net in record numbers. If you have been arrested for driving while impaired, call Minnesota DWI lawyer Patrick Oden before the driver's license revocation hearing to try to prevent your license suspension or revocation.

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