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The Constitution of the United States guarantees criminal defendants the right to have representation in proceedings that can result in the loss of life, liberty, or property.

Guaranteed. The Constitution and our society place value on due process and equal protection. Innocent people must be protected. Included in protecting innocents is preventing innocent people from being wrongly incarcerated in jails and prisons.

The Minnesota and United States judicial systems are designed to punish only those whom we can determine are guilty of criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt. There is no room for error; though error occurs and is overturned constantly.

Beyond a reasonable doubt is a strong statement of society’s beliefs. Criminal procedure requires that a jury or judge (if a bench trial) be convinced to a moral certainty that the defendant is guilty of the charges. The requirement is stricter than more likely than not (which is a preponderance of the evidence). Beyond a reasonable doubt means there can be no reasonable doubt left in the mind of the judge or juror. Beyond a reasonable doubt also means that, even if the defendant is likely to have committed the criminal act, if there is any reasonable chance that the defendant is innocent, then the verdict must be returned as not guilty.
Guilty people can be found innocent. Such is the price we are willing to pay to ensure that innocent people are not found guilty.

Many criminal defense attorneys come directly out of law school with no experience in the prosecutor's office. Shouldn't you hire a criminal defense lawyer who has worked in a district attorney's office? Contact criminal defense attorney Patrick Oden for representation in any criminal defense case.

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